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Going to couples therapy and admitting your relationship is not perfect is an important step in becoming the healthy couple you want to be. Couples counseling can be beneficial to all, especially those who find themselves wishing for a more clear way to communicate with their significant other.

Counseling can seem scary and mysterious to those who have not yet started the process. In truth, couples therapy is designed to help both you and your partner see the point of view of the opposing side and gain a fresh perspective from the eyes of a third-party.

Even couples who are not having specific issues may benefit from therapy sessions. 

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Common reasons for couples therapy

There are many reasons couples seek therapy. Big events like weddings, for example, can put a lot of stress on a relationship. Working through issues before they become a bigger problem can be a real turning point.

Here are some other common reasons for couples therapy.

Frequent arguments

Miscommunication is the main reason many arguments arise. Usually, both parties believe they have the best intentions. If arguing is persistent, learning healthy ways to communicate with your partner is a valuable skill you can develop in couples therapy.

Getting to the root of the issues causing these arguments is vital in fostering understanding between partners. Frequent fights can be indicative of underlying issues that are not being confronted. Therapy can help bring these issues to light and make them less daunting.

Unable to break the cycle

If you feel stuck in a destructive pattern, stop the machine in its tracks and go to couples counseling. Bad patterns can develop easily in a relationship. With daily life getting in the way, stopping these patterns can be a difficult task.

A bad pattern can mean anything from the imbalance of daily chores between partners to the amount of time spent apart with others. The longer a pattern has to solidify itself in the relationship, the harder it is to put a stop to these destructive behaviors.

Dysfunctional conflict

Working through arguments in a functional, healthy way is just as important as decreasing their frequency. If you find you or your partner lashes out, shuts down or becomes passive aggressive during a conflict, it may be time to go to couples therapy.

How we deal with conflict in a relationship is a direct indicator of the quality and length of that partnership. When times of conflict are dealt with in an unhealthy way, the original issue becomes amplified, driving a wedge between the two partners.

Trust issues

Overcoming broken trust is one of the main reasons a couple might consider counseling. Infidelity, a string of lies or even small deceptions which led to something greater can all break trust. Communication usually gets tied to a specific emotion when trust is on the line.

Working through this struggle between each other does not always work out perfectly. Having a counselor listen to and interpret these feelings can help immensely in conquering the issue.

Problems with intimacy

Daily life can take away the ability to prioritize your partner over other things. People tend to focus on one aspect of life fervently while leaving others behind. At the beginning of a relationship, the excitement of having a new person in your life is often enough to have both partners prioritize the happiness of their significant other.

As we get older, relationships can start to feel more like a routine. Most of the time, this just means a simple issue of reconnecting. On the other hand, if growing apart stems from any deeper problems, a few sessions of couples therapy can help work through them.

We can help improve your relationship

At Eileen Wachter, MD , we can help you overcome relationship obstacles. Even if you are not currently experiencing issues in your relationship, couples therapy can provide you with different tools to strengthen your bond and improve communication. Visit us at our New York office today.