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Infidelity therapy is definitely not an item on anyone's bucket list (we hope). Sadly, cheating is a thing that happens sometimes. Meaning that the affected couple will need a set of tools to evaluate their relationship. If they agree that their partnership is worth fighting for, the couple will need guidance to save and strengthen their bond.

So how can infidelity counseling help a couple navigate the feelings of guilt, betrayal, pain and broken trust? Can it help the couple go through the healing process and come out the other side with a stronger relationship? Let us see.

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What kind of counseling is infidelity therapy?

Infidelity counseling is a type of couple's therapy geared towards partners that are trying to work through the effects of cheating.

The person who has been cheated on goes through a period of grief and all the emotions that come with it. The person who cheated gets a front row seat to their partner's pain, which creates further feelings of guilt, shame and fear.

A therapist who specializes in infidelity counseling knows how to fully meet the needs of the betrayed partner, all without siding against the unfaithful partner. The philosophy of this type of therapy is to treat both persons with compassion and respect.

What to expect

The end goal of infidelity therapy is to rebuild trust by dealing with all the obvious and underlying issues in the relationship. Therapy explores why and how infidelity happened. It also explores the aftermath of the affair.

A therapist will create a safe environment for the couple to open up and speak honestly to each other. During joint therapy sessions, the therapist will mediate between the partners.

The therapist will also encourage each person to honestly think about where they would like the relationship to be in the future.

The doctor could also recommend solo therapy sessions where:

  • The betrayed person deals with the emotions wrought by the infidelity. Their therapist will help them work through their anger, insecurity and pain
  • The betrayed is given a chance to examine themselves and their relationship and to make changes that help them reach a healthier emotional state
  • With the therapist's help, the person that was unfaithful will confront the issues within themselves and/or their relationship that caused them to cheat
  • Their therapist will help them understand and deal with the emotional reaction and subsequent behavior of the betrayed partner
  • During the solo therapy sessions, the betrayer will also gain the emotional tools needed to make better choices and forgive themselves
  • Benefits

    The good news is that many relationships survive infidelity. Some relationships become even stronger after surviving the pain caused by a cheating partner.

    There are four main ways that relationships can absorb infidelity:

  • A breakup
  • The trust remains broken and the betrayed person brings up the cheating whenever they feel wronged
  • The couple decides to brush it under the rug and co-exist in the name of 'greater goods' like status, careers or children
  • The couple confronts the issue head-on and gets to a place of forgiveness, understanding and intimacy. Such relationships become extremely stable and strong
  • All couples hope for the fourth option, and infidelity therapy can make it easier to achieve a favorable outcome.

    Try infidelity therapy and give your relationship a chance

    Infidelity therapy will help a couple to honestly evaluate their emotional health and the health of their relationship. The assessment is an important part of dealing with the effects of cheating.

    In many cases, therapy will make the couple and their bond all the more solid.